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I have updated the drivers to work with the newer versions of mame. I no longer have these roms so if you have any problems compiling let me know!

Welcome to My Mame Fan Hompage. This site is setup for advanced users of Mame, We do not and will not supply any files such as roms, compiled binaries, etc. The ONLY thing we will provide is drivers, these drivers are for those that wish to compile their own mame and install these drivers themselves.

Also understand I have NOTHING to do with the Mame DEV team, I am doing this on my own. These drivers are not mean't to replace the Mame drivers. These drivers are only here for others to play with. I enjoy playing around with the drivers to see what I can get to work. Never bother the mame Dev team over these drivers !! They are UNOFFICIAL !!

These drivers will (hopefully) be submitted by other Mame Fans that have written, fixed or hacked them together in order to play certain games.
Anyone can submit a working driver and it will be posted here. I will also give credit to those that contribute unless the author wishes to stay anonymous in which case their request will be honored.Also please don't start a war on who wrote what driver.

You can contact me at or submit drivers to

Also as stated we do not provide tech support either, that is why only advanced user's should attempt this.

You will find the driver with the info on where to install and hopefully any other lines of code that needs changed if for some reason you can't get it to compile check out the mame compiling board, there are a great number of people that visit it.

I will also put up drivers for the NG games that use decrypted files. I am doing this so people with slower, older computers with less memory can try them out to see if this helps load time and game play. These decrypted drivers are set up for the Kawaks files. These drivers will not be updated because I don't use Kawaks, so you might have to rename some of the files either in the driver to match the file or rename the files to match those in the driver. If you can compile you can rename afew files. Mame does support some of these decrytped versions but Not all the files mame uses are decrypted and these are, for example kof2n in mame is like 60 megs (don't quote me on that) the Kawaks version is 37.7 megs.

Cool Links worth checking out!

Urherenow's Mame Compiling How-to This site is a must if just learning to compile or wanting to learn how to compile your own mame and how to add these custom drivers.

Mame Compiling board This is a message board to find answers to your compiling questions, these guys will help but don't expect them to do it for you ;-)


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